Why You Don’t Need To Be Signed To Be A Successful Music Artist

Why You Don't Need To Be Signed To Be A Successful Music Artist


So….is your greatest wish or a childhood dream to become a world famous musician? If yes, then you’re lucky since today is probably much easier to make your dreams come true than it was ever before. If only I’d known then what I know now!


How To Become a Star in Todays World?

Why You Don't Need To Be Signed To Be A Successful Music Artist


Well, there are two ways of reaching your goal today. The first one is to sign a contract with some recording company and let them steer your career in any way they want. The second way is to do all by yourself by using all the resources you can get your hands on. And today there are so many fantastic resources available to all those who know how to use them right.



Is Becoming a Successful Unsigned Artist a Utopia?

No, it definitely isn’t, and many examples can back up this thesis. You may well be familiar with the case of Linda Chorney, who secured herself a Grammy nomination all by herself; or popular piano player Merton who became an online sensation with his unique video idea. Of course, no one claims that this is not the harder way, but it is the one that will let you keep your soul. Record companies have their policies, and they want all of their signed artists to do as they want them to do. Unsigned artists, on the other hand, have their complete freedom of expression that makes them unique and more interesting. And if you still think that you are too weak to face the world alone and don’t think you can do it, don’t  forget David was small too, but he still defeated Goliath!




Where To Start To Be A Successful Independent Artist?

Why You Don't Need To Be Signed To Be A Successful Music Artist


The first step you will have to take to become a successful unsigned artist is to have faith in your talents and abilities. After that, you have to make a business plan. Yeah, you have read correctly – you may be a freelancer, but you still need to make a strategy. You have to think about everything this world is offering you almost for free and dare to try. And believe me, there are so many possibilities around you that are just waiting for you to grab them. Here’s some advice you have to use since they are already proven as more than efficient.





Social Media Is A Perfect Means For Reaching Fans

Why You Don't Need To Be Signed To Be A Successful Music Artist

A path to becoming a successful music artist largely depends on your fans. Of course, once you start making music, singing, and creating pieces of art you always believed in, you have a huge desire to share your work with others, with people who may sooner or later become your fans and supporters. However, being unsigned leaves all the marketing work on your back, and you’re the one that needs to think of careful ways to target the audience. All of us, unsigned artists, think pretty much in the same way, and for that reason, we choose the Internet as the main marketing partner. Luckily, there are numerous websites for promoting music artists, especially the unsigned ones. For instance, many young people who love to create music and who write songs decide to record, play as well as sing their pieces of art and so present themselves as singers, players or songwriters. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, as well as various pages for promoting unsigned artists, are an excellent way to bring your music to the world. However, you have to be aware that no one is waiting for your music at the beginning. You need to deliver it in an engaging and fascinating way, and with every step give your best to collect new followers and supporters. Your start may be a bit tough, but all your efforts will pay off sooner or later. You just need to keep going and presenting your incredible work.

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Raising Funds For Studio Recording

So, here’s the thing: you’ve reached your target audience, collected a considerable number of supporters and written several songs. The next step is recording your music and making it ready for publishing. However, there’s one thing you lack, and at this very moment, it’s crucial. We’re speaking of money, of course. That’s why deciding to raise funds for studio recording is a wise idea. Remember what we said earlier in the text: your every step has to be carefully planned and thoughtfully considered. If you’re an unsigned solo music artist, make a plan for your fundraising. Before starting your campaign, make sure to set realistic goals and to take enough time each day for reaching your target. To start with, think of the people who are willing to help you make your dreams come true. Those are your friends and family. Don’t  hesitate to contact them, and ask for help. They don’t have to donate huge amounts, but everything they give you counts. After all, when you’re a beginner in this job, every penny counts. Here’s another bit of useful advice: open a bank account or an account on PayPal (for friends and family who live abroad) and make sure all your funds go to the same place. Another excellent way for raising funds are different crowdfunding websites. You may try Crowdfunder, PledgeMusic, FeedBands or Patreon. You could even apply for a grant. There are many unsigned music artists that have managed to raise money for recording their songs, so don’t quit your dreams so easily. If you’re stubborn, you’ll find other ways for raising funds like side jobs, or investors. It’s all up to you, just don’t give up!


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I found this great video with more advice for unsigned artists so check it out:


The central message for all unsigned music artists reading this is that everyone can succeed in this age of technology and internet marketing. You just have to plan your career carefully, be persistent, consistent, focused and continue to be as impressive as you are now.

Good luck with building your career!


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