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2 weeks ago
Deep in songwriting and production mode with @MaxStoneMusic and @thesynergee #Maxstone album coming next year. 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 https://t.co/uRLxiq4LU1
2 weeks ago
Last week vibes in the country farm mansion recording new songs with @MaxStoneMusic @thesynergee for new album. If you haven’t done so already go checkout the sound on Spotify. Stone -… https://t.co/mSiBi1vYiQ
2 weeks ago
In session with @ruvmusic Really happy with the way all the tracks are shaping up for her new EP. https://t.co/wn6PD8xs3G
2 weeks ago
Nice to see the track I produced for our itmpresents @karimthapeasant is playing on the radio waves. Big thanks to @djtarget @toddlat @mannynorte @mistajam for #supportingthemovementhttps://t.co/lTez6e1l5u
4 weeks ago
Went to see this movie yesterday and I totally loved it. Even thou the movie was based around Freddie it showed the power and the great music of Queen as a band. #pushingboundarieshttps://t.co/5m2YRaYn4R