How To Write A Song In 5 Simple Steps

There’s a phrase commonly used in artistic circles; it’s known as ‘creative license’. How far can an artist go to satisfy his or her creative genius? Is it possible to create something only for artistic expression? If we think of good music, we’ll find that it’s the perfect synthesis of lyrics and melody which creates the most impact. There are songs which we just can’t tolerate! While there are other songs which get stuck in our heads and find ourselves humming. Let’s chat about some of the crucial steps which need to be followed to write an award-winning song.



Think about the song structure

Although there’s no such thing as the perfect layout for an award-winning song, because no one knows which might strike the right chord with the audience; there’s such a thing of finding the right balance of meeting the expectations of the listener and throwing in something surprising. The surprise element will grab the attention of the listener.

Often the simplest structure can create the right impact.



Choose the lyrics

Good melody is not enough, not unless you have the lyrics which add meaning to the melody. Catchy songs tend to add lyrics which often use smaller amounts of words which are easy to remember. Repetition is a good way to emphasise on the words, and it also helps the audience to memorise the song. Fancy lyrics are good, but only when used in moderation, because in most cases it’s seen that although the fancy lyrics will lure the listeners, they will hum the easy portions. A single fancy verse perhaps for the middle 8  can work wonders.



Melody and progression of chords

If you listen to the pattern of addictive songs, you’ll note that progression of chords is instrumental in producing addictive songs. You shouldn’t think about creative expression alone if you’re after a catchy hit. Like the balance of the song structure, the chord structure must have a blend of creative expression and the expectation of the listener. The simplicity of chords will provide a much-needed comfort zone to the listener, and at the same time they’ll have an excitement to know what lies ahead. With the melody, it helps to be upbeat to retain the attention of the listener. But then there are some melancholic melodies which are quite haunting in nature. The key to good melody is that the listener should be able to recognize it and at the same time find it interesting.

Check out this video by the very talented lady, Emeli Sande for her songwriting tips.


The presentation of the song

Often the simplest song is presented in an interesting manner. The presentation can create quite an impact. If the whole song is arranged in a less obvious manner, it immediately triggers the interest of the listener. At times if it challenges the well-established music formula, it can be quite a hit. However, the layout should infuse enthusiasm, so that the listeners are intrigued. The element of intrigue can make or break the song.



The element of genuineness

You can never fool your listeners. What you offer to them should trigger their interest, and create an appeal. A good listener will know when you’re faking it! The subtle differences of how you present your song through a creative medium actually helps to determine the popularity of the song. The moot point is that you should arrange the music based on the heart of the song, not on someone’s expectations. The better you get, the more appealing it will be to your listener.

Always remember that what comes from the core of your heart is pure and genuine and when it’s channelled through an artistic medium, it finds a way to touch the hearts of millions!


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