How to Get a Grant for Music or A Recording Studio in the UK

Ways to get a Music Grant in the UK


I was thinking about what topics I could write for you guys. Topics that were going to be really useful in your music career and would give you confidence in following your dreams. That’s when I thought back to when I wanted to start my own home recording studio but had no way of raising the funds. I asked for advice and someone told me I could apply for a grant. I wrote a business plan (even though I didn’t know how to write one but I did!) and the rest is history. So this blog is all about how to get a grant for a recording studio. Check it out……

How to get a music grant in UK Cassell The Beatmaker

While not classified as a funding body, the British Council is a great resource to start your search for a grant for a music recording studio. Organisations with which the British Council works to promote the funding of artists within the various disciplines of art and music include:

Starting with investigating these links will give you a better understanding of the types of funds available through grants for which you can use to open a music recording studio. Each link provides different grant opportunities based on the audience, music type and other various factors.


Applying for a music grant is a great and effective way to get a music recording studio established without having the fear of going into debt. In order to fully understand which type of music grant to apply for within your specific situation, let’s understand the two types of basic music grants that are available. These include individual grants, designed for a specific person wanting to open a single studio or organisational grants which are more in line with a musical group or corporation that wishes to open a recording studio. Once you’ve established the type of grant for which you intend to apply, it’s then important to review your possible grant options in order to narrow down which musical grants you will apply for.

How to get a music grant in UK Cassell The Beatmaker

Take this recent grant application success story for example, all taken from the Grants Online website which houses the UKs leading information provider on grants awarded from the European Union, UK Government, Lottery and Grant Making Trusts.

  • The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award given by the Peter Harrison Foundation to support the Diamond Jubilee Leaders in targeting children and young people with special needs or disabilities in learning music. Funds provided totaled about one hundred thousand euros.

Through research on this online grant website, you will be able to see both past and future grant possibilities, which will aid in giving you a better picture for which grants you will need to try to apply for to get your music recording studio up and running.

I found this great video from Music Tank with a lovely lady giving more info on UK music grants:


Grant competition is one of the biggest factors to be knowledgeable about before you consider applying for a musical grant. Grant applications are historically rigorous and in order to achieve success and funding, you’ll want to include these elements in your application:

  • Be clear and focused about your goals and intentions with the grant

  • Have a clear and detailed plan on how you choose to use the money awarded by the grant

  • Show your vision

  • Quantify your needs

How to get a music grant in UK Cassell The Beatmaker

Of course, you won’t achieve success from just having a solid application. You need to pay careful attention to the specific instructions of each and every grant application. Each one will be in some variation slightly different, so reading all the materials ahead of time is a must to achieve success with your grant applications. And now, I wish you the best of luck!

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