Why You Don’t Need To Be Signed To Be A Successful Music Artist

Why You Don't Need To Be Signed To Be A Successful Music Artist

  So….is your greatest wish or a childhood dream to become a world famous musician? If yes, then you’re lucky since today is probably much easier to make your dreams come true than it was ever before. If only I’d known then what I know now!

Top 5 Vocal Tips To Prepare For A Recording Session

Must Do Tips to help Prepare your Vocals For a Recording Session   There’s a lot of time, energy and even money that goes into the preparation of making a song ready for the ears of the listeners. As a drummer, song writer and producer, when I’m in the studio working on a track, every […]

How Do I Find The Right Producer For My Track?

Are you passionate about music? Do you need expert help and guidance from a renowned music producer for launching your track? If yes, then you’ve got a tough task on your hands. Finding the right music producer and the right recording studio is not as easy as it seems. Right from having a musical connection with the […]