How Do I Market Myself As A Musician?

how do i market myself as a musician

Tips For Marketing Yourself As A Musician

One major thing I’ve learnt working within the music industry is that most Musicians struggle to market themselves and tend to not know the importance of it but marketing in the music industry is not as difficult as you might think. All you need to do is come up with a music marketing plan. You can find some great resources and who I’m working with below. Once you get your music marketing plan into place, everything else just seems to come together. I find everything’s much simpler with a plan! So here are some great music marketing tips that will help you to create your plan so that it’s as individual as you are.

Focus on your fans first

how do i market myself as a musician

No matter how great your song is, or how great your voice is, you’re not going to get very far if you don’t have a fan base. Put some time into introducing yourself and making you and/or your band seem grounded and down to earth. Being on the same level as your fans and having them relate to you will help you to gain popularity. It’s always a great idea to consider what your fans really want and give it to them. The satisfaction of your fans in the songs you produce is what will directly impact your music career and prospects positively.

Be attainable

how do i market myself as a musician

You want your fans to be able to reach your music. It won’t do you any good to have a great sound and a handful of die-hard fans if they can’t find your music. The best suggestion to make yourself attainable is to create strong social media accounts (see Marie Services website who I work with to help with my social media presence) with links to your website and songs. Have songs that they can stream or download and make sure they can share your songs to their own social media followers. I find Soundcloud or Reverbnation works for me.  No one really wants to follow your songs or an artist if they find it difficult to get hold of the tracks and in this digital age everyone wants things instantly! When they get easy access to your music that they love, then there’s a much better chance your audience will grow! It’s a true win/win situation!


Create a blog

how do i market myself as a musician

You want to give yourself an identity and people want you to have one! Give them a blog, (again Marie Services can give advice on this). This can mainly be focused on things that go on behind the scenes with regards to your life, the production of your music people can follow your journey through your music career. It opens a way for you to show them why a song and/or gig is important to you. It can open the door for feedback as well so you can grow and learn. It can help to inspire new music and help you to create a new audience. Do always make sure that you take both positive and negative criticisms from your fans in good faith. You don’t have to engage in any online brawl with a fan as a result of his or her comments as that could potentially be very damaging to your music career.

I found this awesome video by tom Robinson giving brilliant advice on marketing and the music industry. It’s really worth investing the time to watch.

There’s no magical music marketing plan anywhere which you can employ, sit back and reap the benefits without having to put in a lot of effort and dedication. It’s therefore really essential to always attach optimum dedication into everything that you do with regards to the music marketing tips above since these points will really help you be successful marketing your music.

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No matter what you do or how you do it, you have to stay true to who you are. Music is an art form that means you can’t do it wrong. Be you and offer the music you love, the rest will come along.

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