How To Become A Drum Teacher

How To Become A Drum Teacher

What Do I Need To Do To Teach Drums?


The Internet is a truly amazing place where you can get so many interesting and useful information to gain knowledge on a specific subject or just on anything! And with a little imagination and a few tips, it can also be a powerful tool that could you use to your advantage. Namely, there are many ways to earn money online by providing various services or courses. This briefly means that you can use any of your talents to make some extra cash or even start an entirely new career! For example, if you’re a good drum player, why not share your knowledge with others online and even get paid for doing it? Sounds good right?

How To Become A Drum Teacher


What Do You Need to Become a Drum Teacher?

Well, not much actually! First, you should have good knowledge and a lot of practice so that you are capable of teaching others. It would be particularly great if you already have experience in playing live, and if you already have some recordings. This isn’t a must, it would just be an additional plus. And you’ll obviously need your drum kit and some basic technical gadgets.

How To Become A Drum Teacher


And What Makes a Good Drum Teacher?

Honestly, this is a bit tougher to answer since not everybody can become a solid drum (or any other kind of a) teacher. The most important thing is to have a lot of patience. Always keep in mind that your student is probably just a beginner and that it will take a lot of time and your guidance to make some improvements. Losing your patience may not only make you lose a student but also a fan of drumming. Also, some people find it difficult to find a proper method of sharing knowledge so not every good drummer is a great mentor. But if you’re planning to become one, then you will need excellent communication skills. The basis of your success as a drum teacher would be – finding the right way of communicating with that particular student. Never make them feel bad, even if they make a mistake, always find a way to boost their morale together with their skills.

With these few tips, you’ll soon make them love their new course which means you will also have your first student!


How To Teach Drum Lessons Online

If you have all the above mentioned qualities, and you really want to start teaching drums online, then you can start by giving private lessons via Skype, Google Hangout, or even Periscope. The most famous drummers, who were giving drum lessons say that the best commercial for an excellent drum teacher is a word of mouth. However, if you start teaching drums online via Skype, a word of mouth can spread more quickly, and you may have many online learners in no time. What’s more, building your personal web page is an excellent way to inform your potential clients about what they can learn from you, and what are the most important techniques they need to master. Perhaps you could post videos of your live performances as well as announces on where you’re next heading. Then your potential students may come and see you play live. They’ll undoubtedly become more interested in succeeding as a drum player, and they may become more diligent along with it.

How To Become A Drum Teacher

You also have to be aware that there are many websites offering free drum lessons. So, what you have to do is to do your best to make a unique drum-teaching website and/or course. You could post videos of your successful students on your web page or invite some of them to play with you on live performances if you happen to play in their city or country. Be sure to also check out my blog on How To Market Yourself as a Musician.


The Importance of Social Media Advertising

As already mentioned, the Internet, as well as various social media platforms are an excellent form of advertising your business and for offering your services. For instance, Facebook has brought a lot of money to all those young entrepreneurs, who dared to promote on social media. With social media, what you do will be seen by hundreds or even thousands of people, and what’s more, if you do your job well and provide excellent service, you will have new clients and students who came to you by word of mouth. I use Marie Services for my website and social media so be sure to check her out to see how she can help.

I did a little tutorial video for Drummer Magazine!

So, should you decide to become an online drum teacher, don’t start without advertising your business on social media like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, but also, don’t forget to invest in making your own web page or website. It will undoubtedly boost your business and you will in no time be overloaded with appointments 😉


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